The alternative to orthodontics without extractions or facial surgery

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Balance the Evidence

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View the clips below for an explanation on Natural Growth Guidance. Some of the many lectures that John Mew has delivered over recent years. Dispatches

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The Final Balance

Orthotropic® results may be considered best by patients and dentists but it is not popular with orthodontists because of the prolonged treatment and greater commitment

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Timing and Costs

Orthotropics® requires many years extra training; also guiding growth is more complex and takes longer than extractions and mechanics. The success of treatment is largely dependent

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Face of onoe of twins before treatment


Sadly orthodontic research has been widely criticised for its poor quality. As a result there is little agreement between orthodontists about which methods are best.

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Young face before vertical growth

What goes wrong?

Few parents realize how malleable the facial bones of a six-year-old child are and how quickly things like ‘leaving the mouth open’ or ‘sucking the

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John Mew Orthotropics