The alternative to orthodontics without extractions or facial surgery

What is the best thing to do if the front teeth stick out?

If the front teeth ‘stick out’ more than eight millimetres many orthodontists consider surgery inevitable. However Orthotropics® can correct most of these if they are under the age of eight and many much older (see Gordon below).

Orthodontics – to pull the top teeth back.

This boy’s front teeth ‘stuck out’ so two side teeth were extracted and “Train Tracks” used to pull the front ones back. 90% of orthodontists thought this was the best treatment. Note how his face has flattened and grown vertically. By kind permission. Clark JD Kerr WJS and Davis MH. 1998 Dental Update 25:12-17.
Orthotropics – to move both jaws forward.

This boy’s front teeth also stuck out but he had orthotropics® to move both jaws forward. No extractions, no train tracks and no relapse.


Gordon had Orthotropics; Orthodontics can not achieve results like this.

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