The alternative to orthodontics without extractions or facial surgery

The Final Balance

Orthotropic® results may be considered best by patients and dentists but it is not popular with orthodontists because of the prolonged treatment and greater commitment required. The technique is also very technique sensitive and an inexperienced Orthotropic Clinician is unlikely to be able to correct a difficult case. Look carefully at their previous results and judge if the faces they show, have grown forward attractively. Orthotropics would seem to be the only way to avoid surgery, but for minor malocclusions traditional orthodontics may still be appropriate, unless you are especially concerned about your child’s long-term facial appearance. The pictures on this site should help you to understand orthodontics and Orthotropics and their effects on Vertical and Horizontal growth and enable you to decide if perfecting facial appearance and long-term dental alignment is worth the increased effort and expense of Orthotropics.

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