The alternative to orthodontics without extractions or facial surgery


Sadly orthodontic research has been widely criticised for its poor quality. As a result there is little agreement between orthodontists about which methods are best. This is why we recommend that patients educate themselves by looking at the illustrations on this and other web sites to find the best options, remembering that not only do you want a good looking face but a wide smile that stays straight for the rest of their life without wearing braces. If you are interested in research look at several pairs of Identical Twins treated by different methods.‘Mew JRC 2007. Facial Changes in Identical Twins Treated by Different Orthodontic Techniques. The World Journal of Orthodontics. 8: 174-188’.

We show one pair, see below or look at the comparison of Best Results using a range of techniques. There is plenty of evidence to show that unless a child wears an appliance for the rest of their life, orthodontic results go crooked again, but parents are not always told this. Following forward growth the teeth stay straight naturally.

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