The alternative to orthodontics without extractions or facial surgery

What should be done if the top teeth are behind the bottom?

Fortunately Orthotropics® can move bones ten or more millimetres (see several examples on this site) but for this the child must be young and dentists and orthodontists often do not tell patients until it is too late. As a result hundreds of children have surgery each year which could easily have been avoided. Make sure that you ask at the beginning of treatment if there is any risk of surgery. Prominent lower jaws are best treated before the age of six (see below) while the bones are soft, but some correction can be achieved in older children.

No treatment

A girl with a protrusive lower jaw which became worse.
With acknowledgement to Bjork, A. Acta Odont Scand. 24:109-127. 1966.

The patients below had Orthotropics to encourage their upper jaws to grow forward.

The two older children below were told they would need surgery but had Orthotropics instead.

John Mew Orthotropics