The alternative to orthodontics without extractions or facial surgery

Showing how the face improves if the oral posture is corrected

Showing how the face improves if the oral posture is corrected. Orthodontics with train Tracks can not achieve results like this.

Orthotropics® uses removable appliances which hardly show. Encouraging horizontal growth works best with children under eight years old, provided they wear their appliances as instructed. However, it is a highly skilled treatment that requires patients to learn to keep their mouths closed which some children find difficult. Be cautious if your dentist or orthodontist tells you that they may use Facial Orthopaedics, Functional appliances or fixed ‘Train Tracks’ as these methods all tend to increase vertical growth.

Therefore you need to ask four specific questions:

  1. Will there be room for all 32 teeth?
  2. Will treatment increase vertical growth?
  3. Is there any risk of surgery?
  4. Will Fixed Appliances (Train Tracks) be needed? 
    If you don’t receive a firm assurance, you might be wise to seek a second opinion.


Research shows that “Train Tracks”, “Dental Orthopaedics” and “Functional Appliances” can only move the jaw bones 2 or 3 millimetres and if more movement is required orthodontists usually suggest cutting the jaws and repositioning them (a major operation). Surgery is most often recommended for children with undershot jaws (when the top teeth are behind the bottom teeth). If treatment is delayed they are likely to need surgery (see below). All these conditions can be corrected with Orthotropics without surgery.

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