The alternative to orthodontics without extractions or facial surgery

Boy before Orthotropics treatmentBoy after Orthotropics treatment
Boy before Orthotropics treatmentBoy after Orthotropics treatment

Many faces are spoilt between the ages of 7 and 11.

Orthotropics stops this happening to children:

From a very young age the faces of some children grow downwards (vertically), they develop receding chins, flat faces, crowded teeth and big noses. On the other hand some children grow forward (horizontally) looking much better. 

Most orthodontists think that these problems are inherited and that little can be done to correct them, other than to mechanically straighten the teeth. However, Orthotropists® believe that vertical growth is caused by open mouth postures or tongue habits so they convert the vertical growth to horizontal growth by training children to change these habits. 

Orthotropics must be started young but it can have a big effect on facial appearance.

How can parents balance the evidence?

This was the concern that brought a group of Dentists, Orthodontists, Chiropractors and other health workers together, from all over the world, to open a site that discussed various methods of treatment so that patients could consider some of the more Natural options. 

Unfortunately, some clinicians make claims that are difficult to justify and this site contains information for patients, dentists and orthodontists and we hope this will help them to decide which option is best.

Vertical Growth Damages Faces

This child’s face was damaged by vertical growth following orthodontic treatment. Vertical growth is associated with thick lips, receding chins, protruding noses, sloping foreheads and tired eyes.

Horizontal Growth Improves Faces

This boy received Orthotropics®. Although his front teeth stuck out both jaws were encouraged to grow forward. Few other techniques achieve this because they pull the teeth back. Horizontal growers retain naturally straight teeth for a life time.



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