Stop Retractive Orthodontics Asia Pacific Session

Join us on 27th September from 2pm to 4pm (Sydney time) for the great ‘Stop Retractive Orthodontics’ debate

Experts discuss the damage caused by traditional orthodontic techniques that focus just on straightening teeth and ignore the fact that retraction pulls back the teeth and jaws causing a host of other problems

Join some of the world’s leading experts for a live debate on this exciting topic

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You will be able to follow the debate live on both YouTube and Facebook and also to ask the experts questions in real time – just post your question into the comments section on either YouTube or Facebook and a selection of questions will be featured and put to the expert panels during the debate.

Here is the agenda:

TimeAgenda ItemParticipants
14:00Welcome and introductionChairperson
14:15Topic 1: Retractive orthodontics and its side effectsExpert Speakers
14:40Panel debate on topic 1 (with live questions)Expert Panel
15:00Topic 2: Forward growth and its benefitsExpert Speakers
15:25Panel debate on topic 2 (with live questions)Expert Panel
15:45Further Questions and AnswersExpert Panel
16:00Close (could be allowed to run long if busy)
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Details of the chairperson, experts speakers and expert panellists to be made available from 20th September